The Lifted Trucks Difference

A Focus on Quality

  • The attention paid to every vehicle we sell is second to none.
  • The suspension kits we use cost on average more than double what most of our local competitors use, and the time spent on each vehicle to ensure safety is unmatched.
  • Suspension, accessories, and new parts affect a truck's drivability, ride, and off-road performance. Our mechanics and lift technicians put in the work to ensure our valued customers are getting the best.

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Trucks and SUVs Built with Care

When we enhance every truck or SUV, we do so with the best materials and with expert technicians. Each technician has a color marker they use to mark the area they built. Then, another technician goes ahead and double-checks the work, ensuring everything is safe for drivers.

Cutting corners is something you will not find at Lifted Trucks. We take every project step by step, keeping safety at the forefront of our minds.

Lifted Trucks Service Center Handles Your Vehicle with Care

Any vehicle undergoing cosmetic tweaks requires a certain level of care and attention to detail. Here at Lifted Trucks in Arizona & Texas, we handle all of our used trucks and SUVs with the utmost care.

When drivers come by and shop, test drive, and take home one of our vehicles, they can have peace of mind that the vehicle underwent many checks before being placed on the showroom floor.

Take a Look Into Our Service Center Process

Before our used trucks and SUVs hit the showroom floor, our service center puts them through the wringer to ensure they are safe and ready for you to drive. Our process begins with a service center technician doing an 82 point inspection of the vehicle, walking around it to check for any body damage, paint damage, and windshield damage.

Next, they look for safety equipment, make sure the tires and brakes are good to go, and that the vehicle has no suspension problems or leaks. Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will take the truck or SUV on a test drive to ensure it is road-worthy for our customers.

Find Your Next Truck or SUV at Lifted Trucks in Paradise Valley

Finding a lifted truck or SUV is easy at any of our convenient locations. Our technicians put a lot of care into each vehicle they build, ensuring it passes all inspections, test drives and gets each technician's approval before being let into our showroom. Drivers can have peace of mind when they shop at Lifted Trucks. Shop online, or visit our showrooms to find your next lifted truck or SUV!