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How Much Can I Get for My Vehicle at Lifted Trucks?

This is a question we frequently hear at Lifted Trucks. We pride ourselves on being different than most used car dealerships in many ways. We're not going to harass you as you browse our inventory of GMC, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Toyota and Chevy vehicles, for one. We aren't aggressive salespeople in ill-fitting suits who will try to get you into a particular vehicle to meet our quota.

And we want to give you a fair, honest amount for your trade-in. You can start the process online by using our trade appraisal form above.

If you're in Arizona or Texas, you might prefer to visit us in-person to inquire what your vehicle is worth. We can answer your vehicle trade-in questions and those related to our inventory of custom used trucks and SUVs and easy financing process. We look forward to meeting you soon.