We know that our local Glendale area shoppers love to find the truck that works perfectly for their lifestyle, terrain adventures, and towing needs. Among our used selection near Peoria, you'll find several vehicles that come with the term "lifted" or "leveled." But what's the difference, and which is right for you? Learn more today.

What is the Difference Between Lifting and Leveling?

Both lifting and leveling involve raising your truck's body up and away from the axels to provide more ground clearance and accommodate larger tires. Some people like this for aesthetic reasons, while others enjoy the all-terrain functionality of a lift or level. However, they are different.

A level kit will lift your truck about two inches and can be added to just the front (known as a front-end level) or can be placed on both front and rear axles. You'll also find that installing these kits yourself is possible or very inexpensive if you choose to utilize our service center near Paradise Valley. A lift kit is a much more dramatic lift. You can choose a lifted truck ranging from two inches to ten inches. Lift kits will also provide you with a suspension advantage. In general, lift kits are more complex to install because they require moving many parts of your truck, including brake lines and suspensions systems. Therefore, they must be purchased already lifted or installed by a professional.

Find Your Lifted or Leveled Truck at One of Our Locations Today

Is it time to commit to a lifted truck for your Tempe commutes? Maybe you decided that having a leveled truck on your side is preferable for Mesa drives. Regardless, the team here at Lifted Trucks is ready to help you and your Scottsdale family get inside the right truck for you. For more detailed information about lifting and leveling, check out our comparison page online.

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