Lift Kit vs. Level Kit: Which is Better for Your Truck?

Lift Kit or Level Kit. You Choose.

One of the trends we don't foresee going away anytime soon is having a lifted truck or leveled truck. These accessories have quite the impact, giving drivers the feel and look of a brand new truck. Everything drivers in Phoenix know and love about their vehicle gets taken up a notch when they enhance it with a lift or level kit. But, what's the difference between the two anyway? And which option should drivers get? If you find yourself in this boat where you want to enhance your truck but are unsure which direction to go, our team is here to help. At Lifted Trucks near Tempe, we can give you all the information you need to know to decide between a lift kit or a level kit.

Lift Kits 101

The goal of a lift kit is to raise the truck off the ground a few more inches. This look is quite popular, and something many drivers in Scottsdale seek out. But lift kits are only one means of getting the desired look. The critical factor here is that lift kits modify the truck's suspension. Drivers can opt to lift their vehicle two inches, four inches, six inches, eight inches, and even ten inches.

The lift kits also come with more parts compared to level kits and require more adjustments be made to the truck. Some of the additional elements include springs, shocks, and control arms. These pieces play a role in raising the vehicle even more off the ground. If you find yourself unsure about the process or changes, rest assured that the team at Lifted Trucks is here to provide more insight.

Level Kits 101

Leveling kits are another means of raising your truck farther off the ground. With this style of kit, drivers in Mesa can expect a lift off the ground, but one that is more minimal than a lift kit. A level kit usually provides a two-inch raise, with the goal being to raise the front of the vehicle to meet the height of the back. There are also ways to increase the four corners to have everything leveled out.

Drivers should also take note that a level kit requires far less equipment than a lift kit. The only parts included in these kits are spring spacers and torsion keys. Many drivers will choose a level kit if their main goal is to fit larger tires.

Which Option Should You Choose?

Deciding between the two kits is not easy, but the decision becomes easier to make with additional information. If you're looking for the maximum height you can add, a lift kit is the way to go. But, if you only want to add in some oversized tires, you might want to stick with the more simple level kit. Either way, Lifted Trucks near Peoria has what you need and is here to help with installation.

Get Your Hands on a Lift Kit or Level Kit at Lifted Trucks

Whether you want to go all-in with a lift kit or ease into the modification with a level kit, we have both in the Lifted Trucks Lift Shop in Phoenix. Or, if you still need more information, we have plenty of lifted and level truck research available to you. Visit one of our four locations today to get started customizing your truck.