Gas prices are on the rise (for now) but don't feel like that should stand in your way if you are interested in purchasing a used truck or SUV. Do not let the current gas price hike dictate your plans for owning a lifted truck or SUV from Lifted Trucks located in Phoenix. While many are rightfully paying close attention to the prices of gas, folks may not be aware of how the gas hike impacted us a few years back and what happened after the price hike was over.

Back in 2008-2009, there was a similar event where gas prices were hiked, and folks were worried about buying trucks and maintaining them. People were selling their trucks to exchange them for models with higher fuel economy ratings. But after the gas hike passed and prices went back down, people were rushing to get back into trucks and sell their sedans. While everyone will ultimately decide what is best for them and their Scottsdale family, let Lifted Trucks show you how you can afford the gas prices hike if you can afford a truck in the first place.

Why Lifted Trucks Doesn't Want Perry Drivers Giving up Their Truck Ownership Dreams

If you do the math, gas has about doubled in price across the country. That is a big deal for many, and it does mean being more mindful when you drive and how you use your gas. But it doesn't have to keep you from purchasing the truck you love. Filling a 25-gallon tank, on average, is roughly $100 when gas is around the current prices. It may be roughly an extra $200 per month while prices remain high, but that amount is manageable if you can afford a truck. When gas goes back down, you'll be paying half that.

Perry family drivers ultimately will make the best decision for them and their budget. But we don't want local and surrounding area drivers thinking that they cannot live out their dreams of owning an awesome pickup truck due to the gas price hike. So visit one of Lifted Truck's four locations, check out the inventory, chat with a sales associate about your gas price concerns and see what recommendations they have for you from our selection of quality used trucks and SUVs.

Used Truck and SUV Inventory For Sale at Lifted Trucks Around Phoenix

We have hundreds of trucks and SUVs for sale at Lifted trucks. We carry models from a variety of popular brands and offer folks a great lineup of cars that do superbly in the desert. Don't let the current gas price hike deter you from living out your pickup truck dreams. Mesa drivers can still be mindful of gas prices by asking an associate for recommendations on models that get better fuel economy than others.

Used Truck Models at Lifted Trucks

Test drive models from popular truck brands like Ram, Ford, Chevy, and more. We house a collection of awesome trucks to help you get through a busy work week or get you to the great outdoors easily. Let a sales associate know what you are looking for in a new truck and your budget, and they'll make some recommendations for you to test drive.

Used SUV Models at Lifted Trucks

Let us know the seating capacity you need for your adventures and your budget, and we'll go from there. Test drive a large used Chevy Tahoe or a pre-owned Jeep Wrangler to get you to the Arizona mountains and back with ample interior space for passengers and cargo.

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