There's a lot of great reasons that folks from Phoenix to Scottsdale, AZ love lifted pickup trucks, but while the look and feel that offer on the open road is certainly appealing, it’s the off-road capability they bring to the table. That being said, if you don't know where the best trails are, it can feel like you're all dressed up with nowhere to go. Fortunately, we've been off-roading enthusiasts here at Lifted Trucks for years now, so we've always got some great tips on where to go to find off-road adventure near Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale, AZ.

The Apache Trail

Located a little over 2 hours from Tempe, the Apache Trail is the perfect place for new and intermediate off-road drivers to get a great feel for driving off the beaten path. There's plenty of scenic vistas to enjoy and with a lifted Chevy or Ford truck, you'll make short work of the rough terrain.

Montana Mountain

Take a two and a half hour drive out from Scottsdale, AZ to the heights of Montana Mountain and trust us when we say the trip will be worth it. With a rugged lifted Ram truck at your disposal, you can conquer the treacherous terrain with ease, and your reward will be some outstanding views, especially in the early springtime.

Box Canyon

Less than 2 hours from Peoria is the famed Box Canyon, and trust us when we say it's an experience not to be missed for serious off-road fans. Just off the banks of the Gila River, the Box Canyon trail system offers options for off-road drivers of all skill levels, so whether you're just staring out in a lifted Toyota truck or looking to do some serious rock crawling in your lifted Jeep, you'll find hours of fun to be had at this scenic destination.

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