When researching your next truck purchase in Phoenix or Tempe, there are myriad characteristics to consider and compare. Modern trucks aren't just more capable than previous generations; they're much more accommodating and technologically advanced as well. The major truck manufacturers offer everything from a bare-bones work or fleet truck to a fully loaded luxury hauling machine with semi-autonomous driving technologies. However, even with the wealth of new advancements, towing capacity is still one of the most common (if not the primary) comparison metrics.

The leaders in the full-size truck segment are from the three most prominent American automakers: Ford, Chevy, and Ram. Each model offers seemingly infinite variations based on cab size, bed length, engine size, and trim level; and changes to any of these characteristics can affect towing capacity. As such, if towing capacity is a major concern, it can be challenging to filter the available choices. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of all the maximum available tow ratings for every model, engine size, and cab combination. This information can help narrow your search, but it's important to remember that a truck's actual tow rating depends on a lot of factors. And the only way to know the capacities of an individual truck is to check the sticker inside the driver-side door.

Big Three Max Towing Comparison Page

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