Find Plenty of Fun Ideas to Pass the Time Safely

Have you felt the sting of solitude during the COVID-19 pandemic? We know that quarantine can be difficult, especially for extroverts, but we have some insight into how you can make the most of this uncertain time. Our team in Phoenix knows that there's plenty to do, whether you love improving yourself or you want to learn something new. Are you interested in picking up a new skill? Do you have something to keep you busy in Mesa? We have some favorite ways to stay busy we'd be happy to share with you.

Quarantine Fun Near You

Need help getting inspired? Here's a quick list of ideas from our team to your family in Tempe:

  • Shop for a lifted truck right here at our dealership while maintaining a safe social distance.
  • Take a drive in that new truck and show it off; perhaps a drive-by parade in Scottsdale with your favorite lifted-truck enthusiasts would be fun to pass the time.
  • Want to get out in the great outdoors? You can head to one of Arizona's many hiking trails. Remember to remain six feet apart from others and please help to keep our national parks clean and pristine. 
  • Lake Pleasant is just one of the great fishing and boating spots this area has to offer, and while you maintain a safe distance, and avoid large crowds, you can enjoy your favorite pastime.
  • Take your lifted truck and load up your bikes to enjoy mountain biking at its finest. Not a fan of the altitude? There's plenty of other great biking excursions you can enjoy.
  • Swimming near Glendale AZ, is a great way to remain active and fit while being enjoyable for all ages. Consider checking out what area swimming holes are open and continue to maintain your distance for safety.
  • Speaking of staying active, there are plenty of great yoga classes and gyms to be involved with so you can feel healthy. Plenty of online classes are available through these locations.
  • Walk your dog or enjoy a solo trot. You can also go running and keep the blood pumping.
  • Pick up a new skill; have you considered martial arts? Many nearby studios offer online classes to help you maintain your form and keep up with your training.
  • Do you have a dirt bike that you're itching to get out on? ACP Complex (Arizona Cycle Park) is a great place to enjoy your passion for motocross.

Do you have some ideas to add to this list near Peoria? We would love to hear your favorite ways to spend this time, whether it's learning a new skill, practice cooking, or simply taking a moment to slow down and spend time with family. What are you doing to stay sane during quarantine?