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At LIFTED TRUCKS we have lots of amazing lifted trucks. But if you’re looking for something less extreme, we also have a great selection of stock trucks and leveled trucks. 

What’s the Difference Between Lifting and Leveling?

Both modifications are designed to create additional clearance between the tire and wheel well. This not only allows for larger tires and wheels but also increases off-road performance. 

What Does a Leveling Kit Do?

A leveling kit is non-invasive hardware that consists of either a small spacer or coil over springs to raise the front of a Truck or SUV, usually from two to three inches. When installed correctly a leveling kit raises the front of your vehicle to match the stock height, making it level with the back end. Installing a leveling kit is a simple process for our certified technicians. 

Why Would you Level a Truck?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a level kit, it’s a really basic and non-invasive way to increase clearance from two to three inches. This improves off-road performance while maintaining a super smooth ride.

If you’re looking for added off-road performance without too much height, a level kit is a great option.


Most stock trucks sit kind of nose heavy.  A level kit brings up the front, creating a better stance, allowing for bigger off-road tires and wheels.


This means better off-road performance, a custom look and a ride that’s even better than stock.

Many of our customers and families prefer leveled trucks and it will even fit in a standard garage!


We have a great selection of leveled trucks in stock and we can also custom build a truck to your specifications. Click here to scroll through our current inventory... LIFTED TRUCKS

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