Get Behind The Wheel Of A New Truck With Amazing Financing At Lifted Trucks In Phoenix Arizona

There are many shoppers around Phoenix and Glendale in search of a more modern driving experience. That is why we now offer a selection of Ford Explorer models here at Lifted Trucks. This Ford SUV is designed with many advanced technologies that push the boundaries of performance and design. Below are three examples.

EcoBoost® Engine

The balanced ride presented by the Ford Explorer is what makes it a popular choice among drivers. One component that enables it to achieve such a feat is the EcoBoost® engine. Equipped with Start/Stop functionality, this power source delivers a high output without compromise to efficiency. That means drivers will still enjoy an exhilarating ride and can also tow and carry heavy demands—all while saving more at the pump.


In a world dominated by technology, staying connected on-the-go is now more important than ever. The Ford Explorer comes with a SYNC® 3 multimedia system for this reason. In fact, some variants include a handy navigational feature that makes finding your way from one destination to another much simpler. Similar to a portable device like today's smartphones, this unit will even supply information you need and give you access to entertainment like streaming applications with a simple swipe of the finger.

Driver-Assist Tech

Driving is now much safer than it was in previous generations thanks to the improvements made in safety technologies. The Ford Explorer is no exception and is now available with a whole slew of driver-assist features. Examples include Adaptive Cruise Control, Enhanced Active Park Assist, and a 180-degree camera. Backed by such reinforcements, drivers can roam more cautiously on the road with increased convenience.

Test Drive a Ford Explorer in Phoenix, AZ.

Clearly, the Ford Explorer is a modern mode of transportation! That is why we know car buyers living nearby will appreciate a ride in this Ford SUV. Want to learn more? Then check it out today with a test drive at our dealership in Phoenix, Arizona!