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About The Custom Lift Shop at Lifted Trucks



Bring in your stock truck and we'll customize it to your specifications! Simply pick the lift, wheels & tires you like from our in store display, and we'll build your dream truck. You can also purchase any stock truck from our huge inventory and we'll customize it to your specifications and save you $$ off of retail! We'll even finance the cost of the accessories in your deal and still keep your payments low!

Feel free to call us if you have any questions at (888) 376-7901

Shop Located at: 1911 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 8502

The Lift Shop and Service Center in Phoenix, Arizona is a professional service and performance center, specializing in custom suspension and all types of diesel and gas motors. All of the vehicles we sell at Lifted Trucks go through an 89 point inspection for quality to ensure our valued customers are getting a high quality vehicle that will last.

Our shop is now open to the public, so you can now have our manufacturer trained, ASE Certified techs, with years of experience turn your boring old stock truck into your dream truck!

Our mechanics are ASE Certified Master Mechanics who specialize in trucks and all types of Diesel and Gas engines, including Cummins, Duramax and Powerstroke Diesel motors.

Many of the vehicles we sell and build, feature after market custom suspension lift kits, wheels, tires, offroad accessories, pillar gauges, custom exhaust, intakes, billet grilles and more. We only use trusted brands from companies like Pro Comp, BDS Suspension, Fabtech, Trail Master, Fox Racing, Bilstein, King Racing, Fuel Offroad, KMC, Moto Metal, Mayhem Wheels, AMP Research, Toyo Tire, Nitto Tire, Cooper Tire, K&N, Magnaflow, and many more! We always have the most advanced technology available. If there's something you want on one of the trucks we have for sale just ask. No job is too big! Our certified techs can professionally install any type of suspension Lift Kit, and hook you up with any combination to fit your taste and personality.

We sell and build, "Arizona's Toughest Trucks."

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Want a Lift Kit for Your Truck or SUV? Have Questions? We've Got Answers Here at Lifted Trucks

You're interested in using a lift kit for your truck or SUV but aren't sure that you know enough about how it works. Or maybe you've been doing some research and the information you've learned has opened up more questions that you hadn't thought of before.

If you have questions about lift kits, we have answers. Here at Lifted Trucks we specialize in all things lift-related, and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from customers.

How do I Start the Process of Lifting My Ride?

While we love a great independent, DIY attitude, care must be taken when you decide to buy a kit to lift your ride. If installed incorrectly, it can affect many different areas of your truck or SUV, causing all kinds of problems. The length of a drive shaft, the steering, performance of your vehicle and more could all potentially be effected by adding a lift kit. Reading a factory service manual or other resources in print or online, chatting with other lifted truck owners and consulting someone who is knowledgeable about the process can all help. And of course, you're always welcome to seek us out here at Lifted Trucks for help and advice.

Just What Does a Lift Kit Do?

A lift kit raises up the body of your vehicle for better clearance. This is especially important for off-road driving and maneuverability. Another perk of a lift kit is that it enables you to add much larger tires to your vehicle. Whether you choose this for maneuvering obstacles or simply for aesthetic reasons, big tires require a higher ground clearance.

How Do I Install a Lift Kit?

There are basically two ways to have a lift kit installed: do-it-yourself or have a professional mechanic do it for you. The option is up to you, but it's important to consider a few factors. Are you already comfortable with the process-maybe you've already done it in the past-or is this your first attempt? Do you have a friend or two who is knowledgeable in this area? How comfortable are you seeking help if something goes wrong?

At Lifted Trucks we're happy to answer basic questions, or to install your lift for you.

What Size Lift Kit Do I Need?

There are many options when it comes to size and brand: We offer level kits, which will level the nose down stance of many trucks, and enable a more aggressive tire and bigger wheel combination, while maintaining the ride and comfort of a stock suspension. This is a great option if off-roading is less frequent. 

A medium size lift would be a 4 inch kit, which will give a vehicle a little more off road capabilities than a level kit. 

A great all around lift, and one we generally prefer is a 6 inch lift kit. This will offer a good balance of tire clearance and ride. This is a great size for both off-roading adventures and every day driving. 

We also offer 8 inch lift kits, racing shocks and wheel and tire combinations for extreme off road use. 

These are just a few of the most common questions we get about lift kits. Feel free to getin touch with us with any of your own questions that aren't answered here.

We're located in Phoenix, AZ, just a short drive from Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale, AZ.  

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